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Tina Burkhardt

CEO, SHIFTSCHOOL for Digital Transformation

Tina is co-founder of SHIFTSCHOOL, Germany’s first academy for Mindset & Digital Leadership. She studied International Business and worked internationally in marketing and CSR before founding her own company. As a mother of three children, (digital) education is very important to her. She is a strong advocate of an educational reform and is committed to more female founders as well as more visibility of women in the digital economy. Tina is a passionate bridge builder between analog and digital worlds. Tina was initially a true "digital immigrant", but she approached this topic with a lot of curiosity and diligence and quickly recognized the opportunities that digital technologies offer. Together with her passion for education, "digitalization" is therefore the main reason why Tina has become a successful entrepreneur, even though it was never on her note before. Tina is a living example that women can achieve everything with the right mindset. Tina has found her vocation as an entrepreneur through her school and the topics surrounding digitalization such as leadership, business models, technology and change.