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Martina Neef

Entrepreneur & Advisor on Entrepreneurship, Education & Economic Development, Rockitbiz

Martina Neef is an entrepreneur, investor & strategic advisor on Entrepreneurship, Education and Startups. It uniquely combines a diverse background in technology and business. She started her career as a mechanical engineer and learned basic practical manufacturing techniques such as turning, milling and welding in addition to her studies. After completing her studies at the San Francisco Opera, Martina Neef worked as an engineer and supervised the planning, construction and implementation of the construction of a temporary venue for the opera house. She later completed her education in economics and marketing at UC Berkeley. This background and her appreciation for developed and emerging countries gave her the opportunity to work across different industries and continents. Martina is an active advocate and mentor for Global Entrepreneurship. Her passion is entrepreneurship education with the focus on promoting the entrepreneurial mindset, skills and abilities of adults and schoolchildren alike. It supports entrepreneurship for young people in Germany through its charitable initiative Rock it Biz. Martina is the founder and CEO of several companies. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur and angel investor, she worked as a project manager for a marketing agency in the San Francisco Bay Area, for which she oversaw technology companies such as Apple, Acer and Sony. Martina has advised Latin American investors and ministries of economics and tourism on business and business development projects. In this role, Martina worked with the state-owned company FONATUR and the initiative to bring Formula 1 back to Mexico. Throughout her career, she has successfully contributed to building new businesses and initiatives in Latin America and Europe, such as MINE Innovation Engineering. Martina was a member of various committees and speakers on topics such as "Youth Entrepreneurship", "Inclusive Entrepreneurship" and "The Future of Education". Martina is currently preparing the launch of her new company, which will offer digital financial education solutions for the sustainable transfer of assets to the next generation.