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Katja Speck

Founder, DigitalMarketExpert & General Manager, ID4meDigitalMarketExpert & ID4me

Katja Speck founded DigitalMarketExpert in 2014. Her mission is to empower value-driven organizations to achieve their goals and overcome their challenges in the digital landscape. DigitalMarketExpert successfully advises Start-ups, Enterprises and NGOs on their digital strategy. One of Katja’s current ventures is ID4me a.s.b.l. a Non-for-Profit Organization whose mission is to keep the Internet, one of the biggest inventions of our time, open by establishing a standard for user’s digital identity.

When building her own business, Katja was driven by supporting organizations in fostering a diverse, cooperative, value-driven culture, offering her services, skills and network pro-bono to NGOs and Start-ups. She is an advisor to leaders as well as young professionals, with a global network of industry experts. She has been passionately involved in environmental projects, supporting organizations like WWF, and became a ClimateRealityLeader in Al Gores Climate Reality Project in 2018. Publications include “The Oceans — an Ecosystem under pressure“ on Medium.com.

Katja is in the process of establishing AllHumanWorld, a community with the goal of bringing like-minded individuals and organizations together. Its mission is to join forces in Human Rights and ClimateCrisis movements and to open dialogues between people who believe they have nothing in common. Katja has a degree in business administration and has held senior positions in the online industry for over 10 years before founding DigitalMarketExpert. For global e-commerce specialist, asknet, she developed their e-marketing segment, supporting clients around the world in boosting online sales and tapping into new markets with e-commerce solutions. Later, as VP Marketing, Sales & Business Development, she played a major role in powering the company’s growth through global marketing and sales management. Before this, Katja was in charge of the product shift to digital products at the Reed Elsevier Group and international product marketing at 1&1 Internet AG. https://digitalmarket.expert/references/