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Katja Hutter

Professor for Innovation & Entrepreneurship & Professor for Marketing & Innovation, Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck & Universität Salzburg

Katja Hutter has been Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the Leopold Franzens University Innsbruck since October 2017 and Professor of Marketing & Innovation at the University of Salzburg since March 2016. Since 2013, she has been a visiting fellow at the LISH - Laboratory for Innovation Science / Crowd Innovation Lab at Harvard University. Prior to her call to the University of Salzburg, Katja Hutter worked as a university assistant - postdoc at the University of Innsbruck at the Institute for Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism. Katja Hutter studied International Economics and Business Education and received her doctorate in 2010 from the University of Innsbruck. Study visits led her to the US and Canada. Accompanying her research, Katja Hutter publishes articles and articles in various journals, including Journal of Interactive Marketing, Creativity and Innovation Management, R & D Management, and the Journal of Management Information Systems. She received numerous awards for her publications such as the Best Paper Award of the magazine "Creativity & Innovation Management" in 2012 (together with Julia Hautz, Johann Füller, Julia Müller and Kurt Matzler). In 2015, her work was honored with the Best Paper Award in the Journal of Interactive Marketing (in collaboration with Johann Füller, Carina Thürridl and Julia Hautz) and the Case Center Awards and Competitions 2015 for the Harvard Business School Case Study on "Open Innovation at Siemens "(together with Karim Lakhani, Johann Füller and Stephanie Healy Pokrywa). As a Senior Research Associate of HYVE AG (Haus der Innovation) based in Munich and co-founder of Füll-das-Glas GmbH, Katja Hutter is closely linked to the practice.