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Fränzi Kühne

Founder & CEO Torben, Lucie und die gelbe Gefahr GmbH, Member of the Advisory Board, Freenet AG & Württembergischen Versicherung AG

Together with two partners, Fränzi Kühne is the founder and managing director of the Digital Business Agency, Torben, Lucie and the Yellow Danger. Founded in 2008, the agency today has a staff of 180 and is twice the title of "Agency of the Year" of the German Prize for Online Communication. Since January 2015, TLGG has been part of the world's second largest communication network Omnicom. The projects, which are supervised by the native Berliner, vividly demonstrate the potential of technological and cultural change for companies and brands. As project manager, Fränzi Kühne manages processes and processes within the agency, cultivates corporate culture and shapes the communicative style of the company both internally and externally. In June 2017, the Berlin Board of Freenet AG made the youngest member of the Supervisory Board of Germany.