Martin W. Drexler

“Women in Tech are not a mirage for some shortsighted ones, but just a brilliant fact since centuries for those who have an undistorted and clear vision.

Just remember Ada Lovelace, Grace Hopper, Hedi Lamaar, Adele Goldberg, Annie Easley, Raida Pearleman, Susanne Kare and all those female scientists who are still in Tech as a vital and equal part of our global society.”

Martin is an experienced manager with strong expertise in advertising, communication, design, sales and marketing - on both local and international level. 
He has gained that wide-ranging global experience in communication services over the past twentyfive years with several years in Hong Kong, Munich, Italy and Sweden.

With his deep understanding in translating technology into business value he helps to turn complex technical proposals into a sustainable business conversation.

Martin has shown strong leadership in several instances by driving the business, taking on leading roles in change management projects and shaping organisations and teams.

He also has a long lasting experience in people management and buliding up knowledge nodes.

At Vienna based „Die Graphische“, oldest Media Academy on the globe, he runs since 12 years cooperations between masterclasses and big companies as well as with social institutions that students are not only well prepared in business values but also in social skills. 
He is also is a guarantor that at least 50% of students on this academy are female. 
And he also defends the interests for equal payment pushing female politicians for a clear decison against lousy & limb excuses.

Martin loves to cook Asian and Mediterranean kitchen, is highly interested in excellent wines, loves city travelling including deep cultural dives, is a passionated marathon runner, a cross country cycling freak and experienced mountaineer.