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Chanyu Xu

Founder & CEO, ONO Labs GmbH

Chanyu Xu is a passionate foodie, driven serial entrepreneur and startup mentor from Berlin. She graduated from Berlin University of Arts with a degree in Strategic Communications. In 2009 she co-founded her first successful software-as-a-service start up “Customer Alliance” in partnership with the company builder Rheingau Founders. Customer Alliance is now used by over 3.500 Hotels in 35 Countries and grew to over 100 employees. Since 2013 she co-founded several food-tech startups, among others one with Rocket Internet, Europe´s largest Company Builder.

In 2015 she co-founded, which received funding from Holtzbrinck Ventures and became prominently one of the first Berlin-based startup Investments by FF Angel Fund, the investment arm of Peter Thiel. Her latest startup ONO Labs launched in Q1 2018. ONO Labs combines her experience as a female founder in the food-tech start up industry for almost a decade and her passion for health and food. Women and men have different gender related health needs. ONO Labs wants to accompany women through all life-stages with natural, plant-based, vegan and digitally enhanced health & nutrition products. Starting with ONO NATAL: Almost every woman take folic acid as a supplement if they are pregnant or want to become pregnant. This b-vitamin supports the growth of cells and healthy development of the baby. But why take something synthetic if there is a natural alternative? ONO Labs only create products with ingredients that you can pronounce. No preservatives, no chemicals—no exceptions. ONO NATAL is made from real plant-based food packed with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, just as Mother Nature created them. The folic acid ONO NATAL comes from spinach and buckwheat. The products are made by women for women. Xu is an active mentor and supporter of e.g. Female entrepreneurs, Startup Teens and Entrepreneurs Pledge.