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Begonia Merayo

Managing Director Why Consult, Co-Founder net4tec + Head of the Board Working Moms Munich.

Entrepreneur in Organizational Development & Diversity Management & Innovation Consulting Ι 20 years Management in Business Development, Marketing & Sales I Founder and CEO of Working Moms in Munich Ι International Network of Excellence Spaniard, mother of 2 children (Valentina 12, Fernando 11), international executives , with a businesswoman Mission Statement: "Opportunities depend on performance, will and personal attitude. Be convinced of your vision of life and implement it with passion. "After studying in Spain and France Begonia began her career in the brand management of large international corporations on different continents. Her pioneering spirit of experiencing and developing new things has shaped her career to this day. After 20 years of management experience, she founded Why Consult in 2011. Since then, her expertise, cross-cultural expertise and passion for corporate diversity has been key to more innovation and growth. Last year, she was awarded by the IHK Munich as a businesswomen Role.