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Anna Larotska

CEO, Co-founder, Robo Wunderkind

Anna Larotska is graduate of London School of Economics and a co-founder and CEO of Austrian edtech startup Robo Wunderkind. She is passionately committed to the educational use of technology and the team under her leadership created a programmable robot which helps kids of pre-school and primary school age start creating with technology. They have customers in 60 countries and with their robots, kids aged 5+ can start building & programming robots in minutes. Prior to founding her own startup, Ms. Iarotska worked for 7 years in investment management as well as public sector consulting in Austria, Georgia and United Kingdom. Among her voluntary activities is the establishment of the Center of Ukrainian Initiatives in Austria and supporting the Euromaidan protests in 2013-2014 by maintaining the contact to media and participating in public debates.